School to school support

School to school support

School Improvement & Staff Development

Maiden Erlegh Trust and Berkshire Teaching School Alliance (BTSA) have a strong track record of in-Trust school improvement and school-to-school support, but also in providing high quality coaching, mentoring and CPD for professionals at all stages of their career.

 Who are we?

We are team of leaders and experts from a range of school phases and types, and from key areas of school support staff.

All our NLEs, SLEs and SEEs are recognised as exceptional in their field and have a track record of excellence.

NLEs are strong school leaders, based in national support schools, who have experience of providing effective school-to-school support as part of a system-led improvement structure. They are appointed by the DFE, after a rigorous recruitment process, and work alongside Teaching Schools and other system leaders to provide high quality support to those who need it most.

SLEs are experienced middle or senior leaders who support middle and senior leaders in other schools. There is a rigorous recruitment system overseen by a Teaching School and they work alongside that organisation as part of the system led school-to-school support. In general, SLEs focus on developing leadership capacity.

SEEs are members of the Trust with a strong track record of impact in their areas. They tend to focus specifically on developing classroom or technical expertise and skill.

 How can we help?

We are available to provide bespoke support packages to individuals, schools or departments based on the priorities of your school. We can work with you to identify appropriate strategies, professional development or help for your school.

NLEs work with headteachers or principals and/or senior leaders. SLEs and SEEs work with middle and/or senior leaders. The ultimate aim of NLEs and SLEs will always be to contribute significantly to improving the outcomes for children through developing the capacity of peer leaders in other schools and help raise standards.

If you want to improve performance at your school, our NLE will meet with the headteacher and or senior lead from your school to discuss the challenges you face and what help is needed. Their work will be tailored in partnership with you.

 Areas covered

· Senior and Middle Leadership
· Improvement and Action Planning
· Recruitment and Retention
· Workload Reduction and Wellbeing
· Teaching and Learning Assessment
· Safeguarding and Inclusion
· Opening a new school
· Culture and Climate
· Curriculum
· Assessment
· Standards
· Project Management
· Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
· Coaching
· Leadership
· “Good to Outstanding”
· “Get to Good”
· Behaviour and Inclusion
· Pupil Premium
· School Business Management
· Special Education Needs
· Early years



To discuss your school’s needs, please complete the enquiry form or email or phone: 
Telephone: 0118 9262467